Our Mission


Invite/Invest speaks of our belief that a person’s soul is precious. We encourage our people to invite friends, family and casual acquaintances to visit our church. We believe that investing in people’s lives is the most powerful way to show God’s Love to Unbelievers. Inviting and Investing pays eternal dividends for the both the Believer and the Unbeliever. We care about You and where you will spend Eternity.



People get involved when they get Excited about what they are doing. Just Look at any UK or UofL ballgame to understand how people can get excited. We strive to create an atmosphere that will get people excited about God and the truth principles contained in His Word.



We all Win when Unbelievers give their hearts to Christ. Through a variety of methods, we present the Gospel for all ages. Salvation is so simple. All you have to do is accept the promises contained in God’s Word through faith.


Grow for Jesus Christ

Growing in faith and service to our Lord Jesus Christ is a journey not a destination… growing takes time. Bethlehem Baptist provides many, many ways for you to serve and grow your Christian faith.

Bethlehem Baptist exists to help you know who you are ‘in Christ’ and fulfill the eternal plan for your life. We help you grow in faith by demonstrating how God’s ageless principles apply today to your life.